“Kim Ross did an exceptional job presenting a nutrition forum at the Dallas Fed. The event was outstanding and was very well attended. Her presentation was informative, insightful and thought provoking. Kim’s expertise is cutting edge. She presents in a clear and very articulate manner. I would strongly recommend her to any company or organization.”
Robert S. Kaplan, President and CEO,
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Dallas, TX

“I have known Kim for many years and she continues to wow me. Kim is extremely knowledgeable, professional and is forward thinking. Kim gave a lecture for my company that had our employees engaged and left them excited and immediately integrating the skills she spoke about. Kim is committed to her cause and is always available to answer questions and offer her services. I highly recommend her!”
Caryn Seidman Becker, Chairman and CEO,
CLEAR, New York, NY

"Kim differentiates herself from many nutritional experts by the way she harmonizes her keen intellect, analytical mindset, depth of knowledge, experience and compassionate nature.  From helping individuals learn how to make the right food choices in a city driven by take-out, to using food as a means to boosting mental clarity & performance, strengthening one’s own immune system to fight off chronic disease or ensure a healthier pregnancy, Kim will help you become aware of the impact that each morsel of food that you chose has on your overall health and wellbeing. 5 stars!"
Barbara Fox
NYU Langone’s Center for Corporate Wellness, New York, NY

"Kim cares deeply about her patients, her style is to educate and motivate them. Under her care, patients have significantly lost weight, increased their energy and improved their blood work. We see improvement in overall health and well-being."
George Kessler, DO
New York Hospital, New York, NY

"Kim Ross has greatly improved the health of my patients. Nutrition and body work must merge for optimal health and performance; Kim recognizes this and combines the two beautifully."
Russell Hartophillan, Physical Therapist
Recovery PT, New York, NY

“What I like most about Kim is how she explains the science behind her recommendations. She has dispelled many a myth! Over the past year, I have learned so many things from her and feel like I have a toolbox now of remedies for many things I just assumed I’d have to live with. Her approach is very empowering. I would highly recommend.”
P. Abate, Patient
Mountain Lakes, NJ

"Kim Ross helped me in so many ways. She is a holistic nutritionist who truly cares about her patients. She  treats each one as if they are the most important person in the world. I lost weight and improved my immune function so I rarely get sick. She taught me breathing techniques that lessen my anxiety. I can use these tools forever. I feel a thousand times better. Thanks Kim!”
Alexis G., Patient  
New York, NY

"I can't thank you enough for yesterday's conversation! It was wonderful to hear all your advice and I learned more in one hour with you than in 40 years eating on my own, without being sure of what I was doing. I am now very motivated to follow your advice and help myself and my fertility! I thank you again for your generous time and consideration: you really know your stuff and I will make sure to recommend you to any of my friends (in NY and in Boston) who need advice on food: this was SO helpful! Thank you again." Z. Halpern, Patient
Scarsdale, NY

"After years of trying to conceive with no success (including failed IVF cycles and multiple miscarriages) I finally got pregnant after working with Kim and changing my diet for 3 months. I carried the baby to term and now have a healthy baby boy. I am eternally grateful."
J.  Zelden, Patient
Chicago, IL

"I no longer suffer from eczema outbreaks thanks to Kim! She helped detect my unknown food allergies and gave me an easy eating and supplement plan that markedly helped to clear up my skin and gastrointestinal issues. Now I know that what you eat actually affects your skin!"
S. Jones, Patient
Westport, CT

“After struggling with sugar cravings, excess weight, digestion problems and migraines  I can finally say those issues are gone thanks to Kim’s program. After a 2 week detoxifying cleanse and a new eating plan I have never felt better! Kim is warm, approachable, extremely knowledgeable and passionate about her work.”
A. Sokol, Client
New York, NY