Kim Ross Nutrition

Imagine your ideal health goals becoming a reality.

1:1 Nutrition Counseling

What you eat affects your mood, health, energy, mental state and appearance. Learn how to optimize your diet to conquer health issues and become your best self.

Corporate Wellness

Book a lecture, webinar or workshop to motivate and educate your team to achieve optimal health and wellness. Create a more productive, healthy and happy work environment through nutrition.

Speaking Engagements

Schedule a seminar with me as a guest speaker at a spa, office, corporate event or any destination to nourish your body and enhance your nutritional knowledge.


We are all connected.




It is an honor to assist in the creation of life in any way possible. To bring joy to those who want a child and guide them through nutrition counseling is a calling. What parents eat affects the environment of the child to be. Learn how to create the best conditions to support this process.


Supermarket Tours

As food writer Michael Pollan says , "Eat food, not too much,mostly plants.”


Eat a rainbow-colored diet daily filled with fresh fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats. Whole grains, nuts, fish and organic meats can have a place in the diet too. An individualized program will help determine which diet is right for you.